Weekly Bulletin ~ 11/08/2015

Weekly Bulletin ~ 11/08/2015


Weekly, Wednesday nights ~ 6:30pm, Hebrews Bible Study

Weekly, Friday nights ~ 7pm, The Well Prayer House

November 20th @ 7-9m Gates of Glory @ Fountain of Life Church – 633 West Badger Rd, Madison, WI    (No Well Prayer House @ VC)


For more information, visit www.ivictorycenter.org


Regular Service Times:

Sunday Services @ 10am – Regular church service  (children’s services available)

Wednesday Night Adult Bible Study ~ Hebrews ~ 6:30pm (no childcare/children’s services)

Friday Evenings – 7 to 9pm – The Well Prayer House  (meeting every Friday Except the 3rd Fridays – join us at Gates of Glory)

Children’s Check – in:

Sunday School:  Self Check-in – All Age Groups – 9:50 am to 10:15 am – assistance available